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This property is located in Washington County between the towns of Barlett and Barlow.  There are 96 acres and you can put a camper on it.  There was a timber sale last summer but it still has lots of trees suitable for stands.  I was there right after a snow and saw lots of deer sign.  This property will be a deer magnet for the next 20 years because of the timber sale.  Up to 4 hunters can get a contract for $3000.00.  The photos below were taken on my visit.

This 121 acre Jackson County property has a semi-swampy area that should be a great bedding area.  You can put a camper on it.  Up to 5 hunters can lease it for $3800.00.  The buck above was killed on this property in 2014-15 


I had a group who had committed to lease this property change their minds, so it is still available

This property is in Jackson County and totals 122 acres.  It is a secure property and you can hunt the wood line on the south edge.  Plus for a small fee you can put a camper on it.  The deer at right was killed here in the 2015-16 season.  Up to 3 hunters can get an annual contract for  $2250.00

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This 93 acre property is located in Meigs County.  It is scheduled for a selective timber cut during the summer in 2016 that the landowner wants completed before the fall archery season starts.  Nothing under 16 inches except Ash and Walnut will be cut.  In all the years I’ve managed property for wildlife, I feel that nothing is better to improve a property for deer than a timber cut.  So this property will just get better for the next 20 years.  A cut like the one scheduled here will leave plenty of trees suitable for stands.  The two deer in the photos below were \killed on this property.  Up to 4 hunters can get a hunting contract for $3300.00.

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