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Retired May 1, 2001 from the Ohio Division of Wildlife;

Since retiring I have owned and operated HuntDeerInOhio, a hunting lease and semi-guided deer hunting business

Experienced in negotiating with landowners and hunters about hunting opportunities, wildlife management activities, food plots and overall natural resource management on private land

Developed and maintain my own web site, www.huntdeerinohio.com.†

Excellent computer experience in word processing, databases, spreadsheets and publishing programs††

Extensive working knowledge with aerial photographs, topographic maps and GIS mapping††

Manage a hunting lease on a 1500 acre property where I set antlerless deer harvest objectives, collect and compile† information about hunter effort, age all deer killed on the property and compile harvest information.† The buck to doe ratio on this property has been less than 1:2 for over six years.

1988-2001, Wildlife Management Supervisor, Ohio Division of Wildlife, 360 East State Street, Athens, Ohio 45701;

In this position I was in charge of managing 135,000 acres of public land owned by the Division of Wildlife in a 19 county area in southeast Ohio.

Supervisor for a field staff of 21 personnel and 6 office staff

Assigned personnel to conduct wildlife population surveys†

Responsible for developing and managing an annual budget of $600,000.00.†

Negotiated agreements with corporate landowners to provide public hunting on their land†

Met with elected officials, school districts, local landowners and others to gain support for the purchase of large tract of lands; e.g. 17,000 acre Woodbury Wildlife Area in Coshocton County, 15,000 acre Tri-Valley Wildlife Area in Muskingum County, 15,000 Egypt Valley Wildlife Area in Belmont County and the 11,000 acre Crown City Wildlife Area in Lawrence County.†

Served as the Division of Wildlife point person for wildlife management activities on the Wayne National Forest and Ohio State Forests

Answered hunter calls and letters about their Ohio hunting questions††

Developed and operated controlled hunts on Salt Fork State Park and Dillon State Park to reduce deer populations†

Developed a method for evaluating crop damage associated to wildlife††

Live-trapped and monitored the movement of nuisance bears

Operated computers, copiers, fax machines and† multi-line telephones


1974-1988, Wildlife Area Supervisor, Woodbury Wildlife Area, 23371 S. R. 60 South, Warsaw, Ohio† 43844;

In this position, I was in charge of managing 12,000 acres of land owned by the Ohio Division of Wildlife, including two full-time personnel, several buildings, a field office, trucks, tractors, power tools and hand tools

Responsible for wildlife management activities including evaluating and mapping habitat, writing management plans, planting food plots, leasing farm land, leasing grazing rights and marking and selling timber and firewood

Conducted wildlife population surveys for squirrels, grouse, turkeys, deer, furbearers, waterfowl and non-game wildlife†

Collected data from deer at checking station

Gave numerous presentations to public groups, schools, civic groups and sportsmen†

Operated tractors with all types of farm equipment, large trucks with trailers, chain saws, trimmers, power tools and hand tools

1974 (May-October), Wildlife Conservation Aide, Waterloo Wildlife Experiment Station, New Marshfield, Ohio;

Performed wildlife research duties associated with forest wildlife including trapping, banding and compiling data


1972-1974, Wildlife Conservation Aide, Crane Creek Wildlife Experiment Station, Oak Harbor, Ohio;

Performed wildlife research duties associated with waterfowl and wetland wildlife, conducted controlled waterfowl hunts, wildlife trapping, banding and compiling data


Personal Interests;

†††††††††††† Avid hunter of white-tail deer, wild turkey, grouse, woodcock, doves and squirrels

†††††††††††† Avid fisherman, especially for stream smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike, bluegill


deer management,† deer property, managing property for deer


I have an uncomplicated business philosophy: keep my landowners and hunters happy and my business will be successful.

††††† †††

HuntDeerInOhio, LLC

†† ďBringing Hunters and Landowners togetherĒ

Contact Jerry Meyer at†† gemeyer45761@yahoo.com


Call 740-517-4077

Iím not driven like many of my clients when it comes to hunting whitetails.† Do I like to deer hunt?† Absolutely!† But I wonít work very hard at it like I will turkey hunting.† Most of my archery hunting is on my own 76 acre property.† Iíve been telling anyone who will listen that a selective cut timber sale is hands down the best thing you can do on a property to improve deer use and deer hunting.† I selectively cut my property about six years ago.† Since then Iíve seen probably twice as many bucks on my property than in the ten previous years.† Last year and this year Iíve see three or four bucks over 140.† I have no doubt it the result of the timber sale.† And donít let anyone tell you that bucks like this canít be killed from a ground blind.† This guys was broadside at 20 yards when I shot him and he didnít have a clue I was there.† About an hour or so before I shot him, I heard a deer snort two or three times a couple of hundred yards away near a bedding area that I wonít go into.† I rattled two times for 45 seconds each time.† I spotted this guy about 100 yards away standing still as a statue, looking all around.† He would move about ten to fifteen yards at a time and look around again.† He did that all the way to me.† Iím not sure he was responding to my rattling (more than an hour earlier) but he surly didnít seem to be following or looking for a doe.