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Managed Hunts


Another good Ohio deer hunting option, these hunts are available on properties where the landowner wants to limit hunting pressure.   The “Managed” part of these properties is the hunting pressure.  Depending upon what seasons are available on these properties, they are hunted a maximum of 2 to 4 time per year depending upon the number of hunters per hunt.  Click on “Managed Hunts” to see what we have available.



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Another Jackson County property with 117 acres of nice wooded habitat with a good mix of cover and open woods.  It has good access  plus you can put a camper on it.  Up to 4 hunters can lease it for $3600.00

The properties at left are near McConnelsville in Morgan County.  They are about 5 miles apart and are offered as a unit and cannot be split.  The 40 acre parcel is inside the McConnelsville city limits and cannot be hunted with guns. The properties have a good mix of habitat and have always had good deer sign on them.  On a recent walk I found good buck sign on both parcels especially the 55 acres.  Up to 5 hunters can lease them for $2700.00. 



 This 30 acre property is inside the Athens City limits which means there is no gun hunting.  It is adjacent to several hundred acres of Ohio University ground (to the right of the yellow line)  where hunting is not permitted.  Up to 2 hunters can get an annual lease for $1500.00

The property to the right is in Washington County and totals 83 acres.  The fields are being rotated between corn and soybeans annually.  The strip of woods on the left side is a nice thick bedding area.  Deer like to travel through the wooded area across the top.  The buck to the left was killed there in the 2011-12 season.  Up to 4 hunters can lease it for $3150.00

The two properties at left are in Athens County and total 101 acres.  They are less than 1/4 mile apart.  The cabin in the above photo is on the property at left and can be rented while you are hunting.  Below are some photos of deer and turkey that were taken on or adjacent to the property.  Three or four hunters can lease both properties for $3535.00