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Managed Hunts


Another good Ohio deer hunting option, these hunts are available on properties where the landowner wants to limit hunting pressure.   The “Managed” part of these properties is the hunting pressure.  Depending upon what seasons are available on these properties, they are hunted a maximum of 2 to 4 time per year depending upon the number of hunters per hunt.  Click on “Managed Hunts” to see what we have available.



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This 250 acre property is in Athens County.  It has mature timber, thick heavy cover and crops.  The property will be available for an annual lease right after the muzzle loader season in January. 



  I have a hunt available here for the gun season and the muzzle loader season.


 7 day gun season                 $750.00


 First 3 days of gun season   $500.00


 Jan. 4 day muzzle loader     $500.00


 Prices are per hunter and I need at least two hunters to book a hunt.

Located in Jackson County, this property totals 136 acres.  Most of the fields are growing up on heavy weeds and light brush.  Deer move on and off the property in the areas where you see the blue arrows.  Up to two hunters can lease it for $1500.00 or three hunters can get a lease for $1750.00.


Lease through the end of the muzzle loader season (Jan. 13, 2016) for the discounted price

    136 acres for  $1100.00,

Many of the calls and emails coming in now are about securing a property for the 2016-17 seasons.  I give current clients the first opportunity to renew their leases or hunts.  I typically will start that renewal process in January.  I’ll update the website with the leases that are available sometime in late December to early January.  Plus I will have numerous leases come up for renewal from the middle through end of January.  I try to keep the website current with what I have available.  So keep and eye on the website and call or email me to set up a time to look at properties. 


 Good Huntin!


All buck photos were taken this season (2015) on HuntDeerInOhio lease properties

Athens County

Text Box: Athens County

 64 acre Hocking County lease

Jackson County

Jackson County

Text Box: Athens County

This is my buck!  I killed him on my own 76 acre property in Athens County.  Go to the About Me page for the story of the hunt