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Managed Hunts


Another good Ohio deer hunting option, these hunts are available on properties where the landowner wants to limit hunting pressure.   The “Managed” part of these properties is the hunting pressure.  Depending upon what seasons are available on these properties, they are hunted a maximum of 2 to 4 time per year depending upon the number of hunters per hunt.  Click on “Managed Hunts” to see what we have available.



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If your still looking for a hunting lease for the 2014-15 deer seasons I have several options for you to consider.  The Ohio opening day of archery deer season is on September 27th!!!  It’ll be here before you know it.

This new property is in Athens County and totals 32 acres.  It is flat and has very easy access plus good deer sign.  There are lots of good stand sites that are easy and quick to get to.  Up to two hunters can lease it for $1350.00 (price reduced to $1200.00)

The above property in Jackson County total 263 acres.  There are 158 acres on the left side of the road and 105 acres on the right side.  Both sides of the road have a mix of good habitat, points, bottoms, ridges and coves.  And there are some nice funnels.  Up to 6 hunters can get and annul lease for  $3600.00.  Or you and 4 buddies can lease the 105 acres for $2500.00.  If you lease both parts you can get them for the reduced price of $5900.00.

The two new properties above are in Muskingum County near the village of Philo.  They will be available as a unit only and total 78 acres.  They have a good mix of habitat with lots of stand options and good access.  I saw good deer sign when I looked at them.  Three or four hunters can get and annual lease for $2700.00.

I still have hunts and lease available.  Check out this page and the LEASES page for leases.  Check out the LEASES and the MANAGED HUNTS pages to see what I have there.  I still have a couple of rut hunts available