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Managed Hunts


Another good Ohio deer hunting option, these hunts are available on properties where the landowner wants to limit hunting pressure.   The “Managed” part of these properties is the hunting pressure.  Depending upon what seasons are available on these properties, they are hunted a maximum of 2 to 4 time per year depending upon the number of hunters per hunt.  Click on “Managed Hunts” to see what we have available.



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This little 27 acres is one of those sweet little properties the deer seem to use a lot.  The wooded area in the upper left corner is at the end of a point.  The deer filter out of it and the wooded area in the right.  It’s in Athens County and you can plant food plots on it.  Two hunters can lease it for $1400.00. 


September price reduced to $1275.00!

This 250 acre property is in Athens County.  It has mature timber, thick heavy cover and crops.  The buck in the photo below was killed on this property last year.  The hunter in the photo below planned to lease it this year but lost a couple of members.  He said they passed up several up-and-coming bucks last year.  Over the years this has been a secure property.  Up to 8 hunters can get an annual lease for $7500.00. 


September price reduced to $7000.00!

Text Box: 55 acres
Text Box: 40 acres

The properties at left are near McConnelsville in Morgan County.  They are about 5 miles apart and are offered as a unit and cannot be split.  The 40 acre parcel is inside the McConnelsville city limits and cannot be hunted with guns. The properties have a good mix of habitat and have always had good deer sign on them.  Up to 5 hunters can lease them for $2500.00. 


September price reduced to $2250.00!

Located in Jackson County, this property totals 136 acres.  Most of the fields are growing up on heavy weeds and light brush.  Deer move on and off the property in the areas where you see the blue arrows.  Up to two hunters can lease it for $1500.00 or three hunters can get a lease for $1750.00.

The above property totals 319 acres and is located in Athens County.  There are 70 acres on the left side of the road  (the yellow line) and 249 acres on the right side.  It has mature timber, thick heavy cover, lots of stand options, great places for food plots, plenty of water, plus you can put a camper on it.  You can lease one side or the other, or both sides!  Up to 3 hunters can lease the 70 acres on the left side of the yellow line for $2520.00.  Up to 8 hunters can lease the 249 acres for $7968.00.  Or, you and 9 or 10 buddies can lease all 319 acres for $10,000.00.  If you and a group of guys are looking for a property that can be managed for the long term, you should consider this property.   Most of the fields have been laying fallow for four or five years and are covered with high weeds and light brush.  There is lots of deer sign in the fields.  But the fields lay very nicely for mowing and tilling.  This property has lots of management options and a great place to set up a deer camp.