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About Me

I grew up on a family farm in Monroe County, Ohio.  Hunting and fishing was an important part of who I would become, they still are.  

Many of my clients are dyed-in-the-wool, serious deer hunters.  I'm more of a "fill the freezer" deer hunter.

I had a great 30-year career with the Ohio Division of Wildlife in the land management and wildlife research section.  In the last 14 years of that career I was in charge of 21 field personnel and 6 office staff.  As a group, we managed the habitat on over 135,000 acres for public hunting. 
I started HuntDeerInOhio in 2001 when Ohio deer hunting leases started to take off.  Hard to believe I've been in business for 20 years!
My business has evolved a bunch over the years, but the biggest change has been about picking up new properties.  
In the last few years it has become increasingly difficult to pick up new properties, but they still trickle in once in a while. 
However, I have a good number of properties currently under contract and while most get renewed, a handful usually get dropped.  I'm a one man operation so I don't keep any kind of call-back list when properties open up.  I do try to promptly answer all of my calls, emails and texts.  So drop me an email, shoot me a text and watch the website, who knows when something might pop open.  

This my 2020 buck, I know he's not that big.  But he looked really fat and had nice looking backstraps!  I had to take him to free up time for fishing and squirrel hunting.


Shooting that buck was absolutely the right call.  two days later I caught a nice mess of crappies,  Yum!

Due to the corona virus, I didn't go out of state or to Canada on any hunting or fishing trips.  I decided to try to kill 100 squirrels.  As a boy, there we very few deer to hunt and no turkeys.  For the most part, small game hunting was the only "game" in town.  I hunted hard for squirrels, rabbits and grouse.  In 2020 I have (so far) killed 104 squirrels.  The season is open through the end of January, giving me opportunities if I get hunting withdrawal.  I got one with my single shot .410 shotgun, the one I used to kill my first squirrel when I was 10.  I got two with a crossbow and two with a .22 pistol.  I killed the other 99 with three different .22 rifles.  At right is a photo showing my grandpa's .22 rifle and squirrel number 100 that I killed with it.


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